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In the Southeastern Caribbean there lies a beautiful chain of about 600 Islands known as the Grenadines. The northern Grenadine islands together with the larger island of St. Vincent form the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The southern Grenadines and the Island of Grenada form a separate nation Grenada. See our companion website: adr.gd  This is a website of Murray Miskin a Canadian lawyer, arbitrator and mediator who has been working to develop Alternative Dispute Resolution both in Grenada and in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The Grenadines have been well known to sailors as paradise for many years.  There are 32 major islands in the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Some of them are privately owned islands, such as Mustique, which is known for famous property owners and part time residents such as Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Tommy Hilfiger and the late Princess Margaret.  British Royal family members continue to visit Mustique when seeking seclusion. Less well known islands such as Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent have spectacular private resorts known mostly to wealthy visitors as does the Island of Canouan.  St. Vincent, the main Island, has been a quiet and undeveloped place until very recently. With the development of a major international airport St. Vincent will soon be a well known direct destination on the Caribbean tourist map.  Some of the many black volcanic sand beaches are being covered with soft white sand imported from Guyana to make them attractive to beach loving tourists.  The very large and growing new five star Buccament Bay Resort on the West Coast of St. Vincent is only the beginning of well planned new tourist development. The development of St. Vincent will increase accessibility to the Grenadines and no doubt the whole island chain will see much more development.

Canadians play a major role in the Caribbean and its development and will no doubt do the same in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The Islands are independent of Britain but have a British legal system and style of Government.  There is a Prime Minister with Queen Elizabeth as head of state, represented by a local Governor General.  As commercial development moves in and the traditions of St. Vincent are threatened disputes will arise.  This Canadian based website is dedicated to Alternative Dispute Resolution and its application in these Caribbean islands with Arbitration and Mediation services and training.


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Murray Miskin of Miskin Law Office in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada has received the Acquisition International 2012 Legal Award as “Canadian Personal Injury Mediator of the Year”. For 2013 an Arbitration Award for Murray Miskin is to be announced soon. Mr. Miskin is a well known Canadian lawyer who is an international arbitrator and mediator. Murray Miskin founded this website to promote Alternative Dispute Resolution throughout the Caribbean. He is now working to organize and teach an arbitration course for the Caribbean which may be held in Trinidad. He visited St. Vincent and Barbados

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in January 2013 in preparation for expanding work and exploring markets and locations for ADR and ADR courses in the eastern Caribbean.  Mr. Miskin has developed contacts in Caribbean law firms interested in ADR. A visit to Grenada is planned for April 2014.  Mr. Miskin is available to mediate or arbitrate disputes across Canada, USA, UK and the Caribbean. Email to: miskinlaw@yahoo.com with specific requests.